A New Story

‘ve started and stopped a million times, thinking it was time to tell “my story.” Not just the bits and pieces I give in blog posts and videos or on my website, but the whole story. Every detail. The years of dieting and all the reasons I gained the weight back. What it was like as a girl being not small, what it was like as a teenager thinking I was fat (I saw a picture recently, I wasn’t). The story about believing I wasn’t good enough or pretty enough as long as I had an extra ounce of body fat. About growing up in a society where you could never be “too rich or too thin.”About being highly sensitive, introverted, and empathic and eating because I didn’t know how to process any of it. About anxiety and depression, about not fitting in, about being too much and at the same time, not enough. About not knowing who I was or why I was here.

Maybe I should tell that story so that you will know that you’re not alone, so you will know I’ve been there, too. I know what it’s like. I feel your pain.

But that’s a book that I’m not going to write, because I don’t want to live in that story anymore. It’s time to let go and move forward. It’s time to write a new story.

The new story is about love and acceptance. It’s about being perfectly imperfect. It’s about being good enough. And it’s so much more. The new story is about an imperfect, human love for ourselves, about still hating ourselves sometimes, and coming right back to love. It’s about accepting ourselves the way we are at the same time that we are striving to be better versions of ourselves.
The new story is about showing up for life the way we are. It’s about not hiding, not waiting until we are the perfect size to do the things we love to do. It’s about paying more attention to the beauty in life. It’s about finding joy everywhere.

The new story is about getting to know our own body as well as our closest friend or our most intimate lover. Because she is. Because we love our own body, we ask: What gives her energy? What makes her sick? What makes her want to dance? When we love our body, it is our joy to nourish her as best we can, eating healthy and exercising not to punish her for being too fat, but make her feel good. The new story is about feeding our body in a loving way and moving in a joyful way instead of dieting and exercising to punish her for being fat.

The new story is about balancing mind, body, and spirit. It’s about allowing ourselves pleasure in food in a way that does not hurt the body. It’s about relentlessly pursuing our dreams and resting when we need to. It’s about taking risks and stepping out of our comfort zone. It’s about finding our purpose, finding out what we do best.

The new story is also about shining our light into our darkness. It’s about learning the life lessons we’re here to learn. It’s about being human, about stumbling, falling, and getting up again. In the new story, we may still cry in the shower and have days of feeling hopeless. But we move on from a place of personal power, we accept and learn the lessons, we experience the pain and let it go. In the new story, we focus on the getting up again.
The new story is about knowing we are divinely loved and we deserve all the love, joy, and blessings this world has to offer, just as we are. It’s about forgiveness, ourselves and others, for our own peace of mind.

I’m writing my new story, accepting my humanness, riding the waves, finding joy, living in love, crying in the shower, having faith in divine Love. I’ve also been holding on to the old story, almost a badge of honor, an excuse: see all that I’ve been through.

It’s time to let go and live in the new story.

Are you ready to write a new story?

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Day 30: Endings and New Beginnings

We made it!!! Thank you for hanging out with me the 30 day challenge, it’s been an amazing experience. I hope something I’ve said in the last 30 days has helped you, inspired you to take the first or next step in realizing your dreams. My deepest gratitude to the friends who have been with me every day of this journey, have kept me accountable, and supported me in this challenge.

I invite you to share with me in the comments or email to julie@julieannsorenson.com any subject that I’ve touched on that you’d like to hear more about on video, blog, in-person talk or workshop.

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Day 29: The Cycle of Life

The cycle of life keeps turning. Whatever your journey, there are opportunities and there are challenges. The challenges help bring you to the up side of the wheel. Embrace it all, learn the lessons with optimism and faith. Good things are coming your way.

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Day 28: Giving and Receiving

I see so many people who are generous with their time, energy, money, talents but are not open to receive back all the gifts that are there for them. What happens is they get depleted, with no more to give. You cannot give what you do not have. Allow yourself to receive as you give.

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Day 27: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

My journey has been a lot about faith and trust and pixie dust, trusting in the unknown, trusting that I am following the right path. Even in the every day things. I know when I suggest you stop counting calories and put away the scale, I’m asking you to have faith that the choices you make for your health are going to work. Without faith, I would have quit a long time ago.

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Day 26: Time for a Break!

I had some dental work done on this day and I have a mouth full of novocaine, so my assistant, Arthur, stepped in to help. He says there’s always time for a cuddle and play break, no matter how busy you are.

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Day 25: Dealing with Challenges

This video challenge was really challenging some days. I’d wake up too late to get it done in the morning and really just wanted to rest in the evening. This particular Friday night, I was tempted to take a 3-minute video of my cat and order pizza.

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Day 24: Shine Your Light, Gorgeous

Come out from behind the sweatpants and shine your beautiful light! Nobody cares if you shop at the plus size store, we just want to see your smile! This is the only dating advice I have for you… have fun, shine your unique and beautiful light.

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Day 23: Adding New Foods

This is what can happen when you ADD IN nutritious foods instead of focusing on eliminating foods. By adding in one green smoothie, I naturally, easily, and happily eliminated foods that aren’t good for me. Feeling great on the wheat grass smoothies!

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Day 22: Take the First Step in Faith

Sometimes your greatest adventures aren’t planned. When you give in to the magic, let the fairies and angels be your guide, walk in the mystical forest of life, you find your dreams. Synchronicity, inspiration, guided action. It’s a leap of faith, take the first step.

I confess that this video challenge was not planned at all, it has been a leap of faith every day. I had an idea that I needed to start doing videos for my business and upgraded my phone. I decided one day to do this 30 day challenge and started the next. The first few videos were planned out and scripted. The rest were inspired in the moment. Some days, I planned one thing and was inspired to talk about something else or I didn’t know what I would say until I pressed the button, and everything in between. It’s been a magical ride, as life always is.

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