30 Day Video Challenge

Here I am, embarking on a 30-day video challenge – one video every day for 30 days! I’m several days in by now and delayed in posting.

I started this challenge by myself (but with support from my peeps) because I really feel passionate about getting this information out into the world. I see women who are trying to lose weight hiding out, staying home, waiting to do whatever it is they want to do until they lose weight. I get it, I used to do that, too. But life is so much richer on this size of your comfort zone, and weight loss so much easier when your life is full and you’re happy.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who helps women who struggle with emotional eating, I want to share my story and tell you what WORKS. I want to help you get, and stay, healthy and happy. So, I’m taking my own medicine, stepping out of my comfort zone, and sharing my message on video.

It’s been an interesting journey so far. I’ll post every day and let you know how it’s going.

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You CAN hate your body to weight loss…

I was talking to somebody the other day about my passion as a Health Coach and my Love Yourselfupcoming talk, “Loving Yourself to Weight Loss” and I said something to the effect of “you can’t hate your body into losing weight.” And I realized later that is not true.

You CAN hate your body into losing weight. I should know, I’ve done it a number of times. A lot of us have.We’ve put off living our lives, we’ve hidden in the back row and worn black because we do not have the body type that we are told by the media and, let’s be honest, by other women who are not really our friends, is considered attractive. And we hate ourselves for it, for all of it. We hate ourselves for the extra weight and we hate ourselves for not living our lives. If someone talked to our best friend, sister, daughter, mother, the way we talked to ourselves, we would punch them.

So we’ve driven ourselves to 800 calorie a day diets, hours in the gym, being scolded by our trainers because we put a yolk in our egg whites one morning and accidentally sniffed a piece of cake. We’ve counted calories, weight watcher points, carbs, and sugar. We’ve alternatively given up fat, fruit, dairy, gluten, anything that tastes good.

And it works. You CAN hate your body to weight loss. It does work. I’ve done it. Multiple times. But the weight always, always comes back.

You’re obsessed with your diet and the gym. You’ve lost 40 pounds and you feel great physically. You’ve bought new clothes and are feeling a little more confident. Then, the shit hits the fan. Life. A bad break-up, death, the hot water heaters dies, you hurt your knee, work stress, your co-worker looked at you wrong, or you just hit the wall and after 2 years, you simply cannot weigh another piece of chicken again.

You are left to cope with the person that you hate: yourself.

The great feelings and confidence, liking yourself, were all conditional on the 40 pounds you lost and on life staying on an even keel. And then you find yourself sitting in the parking lot of Whole Foods, eating a cookie while the anxiety floats away. But it’s only temporary and you need another cookie.

If this feels at all familiar to you, I want you to know that there is another way, a way that works. It’s magic and it’s transformational.

The magical formula for happiness, confidence, and healthy weight loss is self love. When you love and accept yourself the way you are right now, you can make your life anything you desire. Positive transformation is possible. Whether life is awesome or the shit is hitting the fan, you are always with someone you love. You treat your body with respect and talk to her like you would a best friend. You know that happiness is in your control and of your own making and not conditional on outside events.

You will, one day, find yourself in the parking lot of Whole Foods eating a cookie. But you won’t hate yourself for it and it won’t escalate to a 2-year binge. You’ll lick your fingers, you’ll remember that you love yourself, and you’ll drive away like the queen that you are.

When you are treating yourself with loving self-care, the weight can come off, if that is what’s healthy for your body.

But even before that happens, you know that you are beautiful, because you are walking around, living your life, shining the light and love of who you really are.

I’ll be talking more about Loving Yourself to Weight Loss on Sunday, March 20, 3PM at Breakthru Family Fit 4 Life in Stamford, CT. Check out our meetup or website for details:


Health Coach Conversations

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Let’s start the conversation about healthy living, the natural way. This is for anybody interested in creating and maintaining optimal health through nutrition and lifestyle c…

Check out this Meetup Group →

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It’s not just that I gave up sugar

For many of us, losing weight is much more an emotional and spiritual journey than a physical one. We’ve come to a point where we’ve spent our entire adult lives, or longer, obsessed with food and not eating and feeling hungry, both physically and emotionally. Diets no longer work. We’re tired of feeling like everything delicious is fattening, we’ve come to hate the gym, and we’re making decisions based on hating our bodies. We’ve been punishing ourselves and we’ve had enough.

I came to this point a couple of years ago and decided to stop dieting. No more counting calories, no more boring hours at the gym. I was going to eat healthy most of the time and learn to accept myself as I was. I was going to do the emotional work and see what happened with my health and weight. Furthermore, I was going to stop letting my weight keep me from going out and doing things I enjoyed.

I wish I could say I instantly started loosing weight, but I didn’t. I can say that I did the self improvement work, the emotional work, and I got a lot happier. I stopped obsessing about food and I stopped beating myself up over every dessert. I learned how to be happy with who I am. The time I used to spend dreaming of my next meal, I spent getting to know myself. I started listening to the wisdom of my own body. Instead of listening to what other people/organizations/books were telling me to eat, I paid attention to what made me feel good and what made me feel bad.

And then the desire to lose weight came back to the forefront. It had never really left, but I didn’t pay attention to it. My body said no to a detox or cleanse. I couldn’t face the modified fast. I was already eating pretty healthy. So, I surrendered and put it into God’s hands. I asked my angels and spirit guides for help.

And, finally, I started taking my own medicine.

One more, feeling bad about a number of things, I sat down and decided that I was going to spend the day in radical self-love. Any negative messages would be replaced with love. For that day, I would accept all of who I was and everything I did. Any time I thought about it, I would consciously fill my body with the energy of the feeling you get when you love someone, and it would be for myself.

It was a really great day.

It was also the day I realized that I was eating more sugar than I realized and I gave it up. Just like that. Nope, not going to have it anymore. (note that I am a total sugar addict and any previous attempts to give it up have resulted in a somewhat unpleasant detoxification process) It was the day I started losing weight again.

When I’m asked how I lost the weight, I say I gave up sugar. But it was much more than that.

My day of self-love turned into 2 days, then a week. I started a process of releasing, letting go of any energy that wasn’t serving me. I let go of who I am NOT and embraced who I am. I looked not only at what I like about myself, but also about what I don’t like, and I accepted and loved all of it.

Here’s the point of why I’m telling this story. It’s not just that I gave up sugar. I started with self-love and acceptance and I no longer had to hide. Because so many of us are hiding who we are beneath what we perceive to be a protective layer of fat. And it doesn’t serve us. But when we let go of the beliefs that we have to be perfect to be lovable, when we stop trying to fit in, when we let our own unique and beautiful light shine, we can also release what is toxic in our physical bodies.

I have a lot more to say on this and there is more to my story. I will tell it as I am able.

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We’re friends, my body and I

and i said to my body. softly. ‘i want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath. and replied ‘i have been waiting my whole life for this.’ ~Nayyirah Waheed

For how long have I not been a friend to my body? Criticizing her, hating her, wishing she was I want to be your friendsomething else. A chubby child and somewhat taller than average girl. A reader, a thinker, not an athlete. I learned early on that my body was not “right,” and the path to happiness was raw vegetables, rice cakes, and hours at the gym (a path I rarely followed).

When I started college, the “freshman 15” was closer to 30 and there started my relationship with dieting, a 20+ year dysfunctional relationship. Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach, counting calories, hours at the gym, I even ran for a few years. At one point, my personal trainer had me on a 1000 calorie diet, which I stayed on for all of two days.

If you’ve never dieted or worried about your weight, here’s what dieting feels like: being hungry all the time, always being obsessed with your next meal, and hating yourself every time you eat chocolate. Sounds like fun, right?

With each diet, I was sure I had the magic formula and I would lose the weight and keep it off. And every time, I gained the weight back.

Until finally, I had enough. Enough punishing my body. Enough hating myself. Enough criticism. Enough restrictions.

Enough of other people, people who do not live in my body, telling me what not to eat.

“and I said to my body softly, ‘I want to be your friend.'”

For every person who has lost weight and gained it back, there is either a physiological, emotional, and/or energetic reason for the extra weight. And for each person, the reason is unique. Any diet that focuses only on behavior modification without addressing those reasons will most likely not work in the long run, which is why the diet industry is multi-million dollar industry.

Not to mention the adverse affect of GMOs (genetically modified organism) and huge increase of sugar in our diets. Sugar, by the way, is highly addictive, and it’s hidden in a LOT of foods – start reading labels and you’ll see.

I could get on my soap box about what society and the media have done to our self-confidence and body image, but I’ll leave that for another day and get back to my story.

When I decided to befriend my body, to love her the way she is, I knew I had a journey of emotional healing ahead of me. All of the energy I had been putting into counting calories, I put into meditation, energy work, journaling, getting to know myself.

I started listening to the wisdom of my body, I asked her what kind of nutrients she wanted to keep going. The more I listened, the more she spoke. She does not feel well on wheat gluten or dairy, which is not easy. Despite the popularity of vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, she needs animal protein to stay healthy. Every day, every meal, she has different needs for what kind and how much food will make her work at optimal level.

The human body is meant to move, so I found better ways than spending hours on a treadmill. This body loves to walk and to dance, so we do more of that.

Our relationship – my body, mind, and spirit – is evolving. Sometimes the mind or spirit decide on a pizza and ice cream. My body has a reaction and I apologize and we move on.

I have not yet magically started shedding pounds, but I’ve stopped worrying about it so much. I’ve accepted that this is one of the lessons I’ve come to earth to learn. We’ve come a long way to a more loving relationship.

We’re friends, my body and I.

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The Work of My Heart

It’s taken some time to be born, time to be created. I resisted, I procrastinated. It wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t ready, not until I’ve lost more weight, not until I am perfect. I’ve struggled with my feelings about dieting and, consequently, resisted teaching a weight loss class.

I’m ready now, the time is right. I’ve reconciled my feelings about teaching weight loss, I’ve found a different path. I’ve lost a few pounds, but I’m still not perfect. I am bringing to life the work of my heart: A weight loss course that’s not about diet and exercise, a weight loss course that focuses on self-love and healing our relationship with ourselves.

The journey that I’m on, I’m sharing with you. The journey I’m on is a journey of self-love, of discovering my inner beauty, without losing a pound. This journey is about living NOW as I am, about experiencing joy and love and beauty.

Unlock the Beauty Within: Loving Yourself to Weight Loss combines my training as a Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader and as a Holistic Health Coach. This is the class I wish I had 20 years ago. It is the lessons I’ve learned that have gotten me where I am today, and some I am still working on.

This is my story. This is my “why.”

I’ve been overweight most of my life. As a child, I remember shopping in the “chubby” section. I was chunky, chubby, heavy, large-boned, a “big girl” in a world of petite girls. I was also shy, introverted, highly sensitive (there may be a causal relationship here, but that’s another paper). I was never one of the popular kids, I had only a few friends. Because I was fat.

Deep inside, I believed that people would not like me because I was fat.

It’s an irrational belief that pops up still every once in awhile. That I am not good enough the way I am and will not be good enough until I lose weight.

I was not obviously depressed, my life seemed fairly normal, I was often quite happy. I loved to dance, to sing, I was active in band, I had my friends, I loved to read, had a great family. But, underneath it all, there was a fear that people would not like me because I was fat. Even when, in my earlier teens, I wasn’t really all that fat.

I started Weight Watchers during summer breaks when I was in college. For years, I was in and out of Weight Watchers, losing weight and gaining it back. I did Atkins, South Beach, I ran, worked out with a trainer, counted calories. I was once advised that, if I wanted to date, I would have to lose weight. Thus began my relationship with Ben & Jerry. And then back to weight watchers.

Until finally I had enough. I was not going to count another calorie, keep track of points or weigh my food ever again.

After getting my Health Coach certification, I was led to the Heal Your Life® workshops, based on the work of Louise Hay and her bestselling book, “You Can Heal Your Life.” During my first Heal Your Life® workshop and leader training, my healing began. I began my journey of self-love.

Somewhere on that journey of self-love I decided that I love myself enough to stop torturing myself with restrictive dieting. I decided that I would stay the weight I was at that time until I could lose weight without feeling deprived, hungry, or guilty. I decided that I was going to heal my life. I was going to work on becoming the best ME I could be and let the weight take care of itself.

Slowly, life started getting better and better. I started dancing again. Dancing sparked my creativity and I started writing and ideas started forming for where I wanted to go with my life. I started getting excited about life again. All without losing a pound.

The more I loved me and loved my life, the more my inner beauty started to shine. When I’m feeling joyful, talking about something meaningful, dancing, excited about anything, I glow. That glow is my inner beauty, my true self, my soul, shining through.

Without losing a pound, people started telling me I was beautiful. When IAnd I started believing it.

That was the inspiration for “Unlock the Beauty Within.”

Every one of us has that inner beauty. It has nothing to do with the shape of our body, the features of our face. It’s all about letting who you really are shine. It’s about being in love with life, being in joy. We ALL have it. Truly. Look at anybody talking about their passion – aren’t they beautiful?

My mission, my passion, is to help other women unlock their inner beauty and let their light shine. I want to take the shame and deprivation out of weight loss and replace it with love and healing.

Where am I now? I’m still on the journey – after all, I am still alive. I’m making healthier choices because I love myself. I started working out because I love myself. My body has been good to me and it’s time I start being good to her. Despite a busy schedule and a lot of things I “should” do, I take at least one night a week off for a dance class. My clothes are getting looser and I have more energy. I love to dress up and put on make-up and I love my high heels. I kiss my reflection in the mirror, I tell myself “I love you,” and I feel beautiful when I walk out the door.

I’m teaching a class on Saturday on loving yourself to weight loss. Care to join me?

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Halloween Beauty

Have you ever avoided Halloween because dressing up had stopped being fun? You don’t think you have any options… you see the stores full of costumes for sexy nurse/barmaid/cop/witch (I saw a sexy corn-on-the-cob costume online this year – what’s up with that?) and other one-size-fits-all costumes and you know that one size doesn’t fit all. And you start to feel bad about yourself and hate your body. And you swear that you’ll never touch a piece of candy again and NEXT YEAR you will enjoy Halloween as a slutty witch in your size 2 body. Until you eat an entire bag of candy on Halloween night, because you’re lonely and not that many kids came. And the next year isn’t any different.

This was MY story.

On Halloween, I stayed home and either ate an entire bag of candy or hid with the lights off, fantasizing about how great my life would be when I finally lost the weight.

I didn’t always hate Halloween. As a kid, I loved Halloween, just like every other kid. Not just for the candy (although, there was that), but for the dressing up, the creative expression. We rarely had store-bought costumes, my Mom would make them and when we were old enough, we’d help. I remember one year I was a black cat. Mom made the ears, sewed a tail onto my black leotard, drew whiskers on my face. Much better than the plastic masks that were the store-bought costumes of my childhood. There are no pictures, but I’m sure I was adorable. Fast-forward to my next ballet class… yep, Mom forgot to remove the tail from my leotard and I went to ballet with a tail. I’m pretty sure I have a scar somewhere deep in my psyche for that one. But, I digress.

Where were we? Halloween, dressing up, fun, candy. Loved it as a kid, hid from it as an adult.

Here’s the thing… putting off fun, pleasure, creative expression, living your life until you lose the weight doesn’t work. Being lonely, bored, and depressed only perpetuates the problem. And Ben and Jerry are not good dates. For one thing, they’re cold. For another, they always make you pay (although they are cheap dates, which tells you something).

How did I change my story?

  • I STOPPED dieting and started listening to my body and my soul. At some point, I decided that I was no longer going to try to lose weight. I was going to work on myself, to be the best me I could be.

Never eat more than you can lift. ~Miss Piggy 

  • I started having FUN, at exactly the size I am. For me, that means dancing: Ballroom and Latin
  • I started loving and accepting myself as I am, right now, in this moment, in every moment.

When I stopped trying to lose weight and started living my life, everything changed. I started paying attention to my emotions instead of feeding them silent. I started healing old wounds. I got to know myself and I decided that I like me. I discovered who I am and what fires me up. I learned how to pose for the camera and to see myself in the picture.

As I started sharing more of who I am and what I am passionate about, as I started living more in joy, my own beauty was reflected back to me. In a moment of joy, I was told I was beautiful, glowing. And I eventually started to believe it.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it may become necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye. ~Miss Piggy

 We ALL have that beauty, that inner light that is so beautiful when we allow it to shine. It doesn’t matter who else sees it, we know we have it. Self-love is the key to unlocking that door, to unlock the beauty within.

I’m not avoiding Halloween this year, I am embracing it. I have a dress, a snout, and cute pink ears. I have pearls and blonde curls and long white gloves. This year, I’m taking my sexy dress and my Miss Piggy attitude out dancing.

What are you doing for Halloween?

If you’d like some support; if you’re ready to love yourself and live a full, abundant life and let the weight come off naturally, check out my new course: Unlock the Beauty Within: Loving Yourself to Weight Loss.

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Standing on the Edge

I had a vision that I am standing on the edge of a precipice, the ground crumbling beneath my feet, the chasm vast before me, firm ground on the other side. Behind me is a large group of people, watching me, watching and waiting, wondering what I will do. In the crowd is everybody I’ve ever known, friends, family, colleagues, every person I’ve ever done business with, gone to school with, talked to in the grocery store.

All of them behind me, a large, faceless mass of people, standing at a distance, like a wall, unable to come closer, watching. And me, unable to turn back.

Standing on the EdgeIn front of me, the abyss, and, on the other side, firm ground, beautiful trees, blue skies, and birds singing. In my heart, I know that bliss is on the other side. Living my life’s purpose, joy, love. But not a single person can I see. Will I be alone on the other side? To me, it looks beautiful and lonely at the same time. This place I am destined to get to, this place I have been moving toward.

Under my feet, the ground slowly crumbling.

The abyss in front of me is deep. The distance to the other side is great. There is no bridge. And if I don’t make it, I plummet to the depths. Yet, if I stay where I am, the ground will eventually drop out from under me.

In my vision, I eventually leap, I fly, and I hit the ground on the other side. I look about me in wonder, breathing in the beauty, the clean air, even the loneliness. I cannot see very far, past the trees. I don’t know what is here beyond this small meadow. But I know that I am where I belong.

Slowly, people start to come out from the wood to greet me. The women who have been supporting me, who have been waiting for me to leap. The angels who have held me while I decide, the angels who teach me to fly.

The leap is a decision to change my business, a decision that has been long in the making. The decision to finally give up being a health coach. The decision to start again, to create a business that is uniquely me, to serve the people I am meant to serve.

The leap is a decision to embrace the parts of me that I have rejected and to release what no longer serves me.

The leap is a commitment to myself. A commitment to do whatever it takes; to go wherever life leads me; to live authentically, in love, my life’s purpose.

I’m ready.

Will you join me on the other side?

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Everything good in life is either illegal, immoral, or fattening *

We’ve all heard it. A whole lot of us have said it. I know I have. And, what is most troubling, too many of us believe it.

We have complicated relationship with pleasure, with the good things in life. We long for it, we actually need it. Yet, we seem to believe that there is such a thing as too much pleasure, and “too much” is really not all that much. Pleasure is only for special occasions – your birthday or a once-a-year trip to the amusement park. We’re told that life is hard and then you die. Some religions teach that the way to heaven is through suffering.

I’m not buying it. I believe in a loving God. And a loving God doesn’t want me to suffer. She wants me to enjoy life to the absolutely maximum. She wants me to experience all different kinds of pleasure.

She gave me a body that feels warm and cold, that tingles and shivers and tickles. She gave me a body that longs for human touch, that trembles, that glows. She gave me taste buds, a nose for smelling, eyes and ears. She created beauty in nature, music, the sound of the surf on the sand, and the smell of cinnamon buns.

Did She give me all of this so that I could hide it all away? Did She make chocolate so that I could eat more carrots and celery? Long kisses to withhold? The sensation of warm hands on my skin, tingles and shivers, trembles and orgasm so I could put it in a box unless I commit to one man for the rest of my long life? Did She give me the gift of all of these sensations so that I could feel guilty for experiencing them? This kind and loving God?

I once had a personal trainer who told me that I had to start thinking of food as only fuel, not a source of pleasure at all. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. She had me on an 800 calorie a day diet, eating egg whites. Yeah, right. At Weight Watchers, I was told that the purpose of exercise isn’t so that we could eat more food. Really? I still don’t buy that.

One thing that I know for sure… if I deprive myself of all pleasure, I will absolutely, 100% of the time go for the pleasure that never fails: ice cream. The sensual pleasure of cold, creamy, chocolately deliciousness never fails.

I no longer exercise in order to lose weight. I walk, lift weights, dance for the pleasure of moving my body.

When I give up guilt and decide to live my life in joy, to live for pleasure and enjoy as much pleasure as I can, I am healthy and happy. I have no more need for bingeing. I have no more need for self-sabotaging behaviors. I am more likeable. I am positive, glowing, sparkling. I am my best self.

*There is some question as to the origination of this quote. It has been attributed to Alexander Woollcott, W. C. Fields, Frank Rand. According to The Quote Investigator,  the first known instance of the expression was used on Woollcott’s radio program and attributed to an individual named Frank Rand.

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A Love Challenge

Do you want to feel the excitement of a child each day, waking up in eager anticipation for the day ahead? Do you want to look in the mirror and know that you are fabulous, you are enough, exactly the way you are? How about attracting relationships that give back, that help elevate you as a person? Would you like to walk away from fear and do that thing you’ve been wanting to do? Maybe just start by giving the boot to that nasty inner critic who puts you down.

You can say goodbye to those beliefs that keep you stuck and afraid to move forward, you know, the ones that you don’t even know where they come from.

  • You have the power within you to create the life of your dreams.
  • You have the power within you to attract the relationships that you desire.
  • You have the power within you to break through the barrier of limiting beliefs.
  • You have the power within you to be fabulous, every day.

Are you ready to stop sabotaging your dreams and let love in?

I challenge you to commit to your life and learn to do things differently. I challenge you to replace fear with love. I challenge you to believe in yourself.

I challenge you to love and accept yourself exactly the way you are.

Then, let’s see what happens.

If you’re ready to let love in, you have the power to change your life and I can show you how.

In my new telecourse, The Love Challenge, a 6-Week Bootcamp to Kick Sabotage to the Curb and Let Love In, I am bringing to you the powerful healing techniques and ideas I learned from my Heal Your Life® workshop leader training and that I know, from real life experience, works!

You have one more day!

The Love Challenge starts TOMORROW Thursday, July 11, 8 PM ET. You don’t want to miss this!

For more information and to register for this powerful 6-week telecourse, go to http://julieannsorenson.com/lovechallenge/

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Ignite Your Life!

The fireworks has always been my favorite part of 4th of July celebration. I’m sure I’m not alone. I have many great childhood memories of the daytime barbecue with family and family friends, always with the same people, each year hosted by a different family.  Then, in the evening, going to Jennings or Penfield beach. The adults would set up their chairs and blankets, and the kids would dig a shallow ditch in the sand where we could all sit side-by-side, half laying down, and look up to watch the fireworks. It was crowded, so we’d get there early and stake our claim, impatiently waiting until dark.

I remember the big booms resounding in my chest and the high-pitched swishing of the “fishies.” I remember the crackling and the bright lights, every explosion a happy surprise of color. I remember the view of a crowded beach and sparklers, boats out on the water. And I remember the long walk back to our car in the dark, when I was small, perhaps sitting on my Dad’s shoulders, later, carrying a chair, a cooler, or a blanket. Tired, but it was well worth it.

A lot of time has passed, but I still love the fireworks. On any night from the 4th through the weekend, there are options, different places to go to see the fireworks. And, at the end of the weekend, when the fireworks end, I long for more. I want to extend the celebration!

And so, I ask myself, how can I continue the celebration? What sparks can I ignite in my life? Where can I see fireworks every day?

I know I can, the power is within me to experience the breathless joy of a child watching fireworks any time. I can create a life in which I look at the world in wonder every day, where every spark ignites an explosion of color.

I hatch a plan, give birth to some new ideas to keep the fireworks going. I feel some fear, but I flip it the bird and go forward anyway. I start each day feeling gratitude and go about my day with a heart full of love. And the celebration continues!

What sparks do you want to ignite in your life?

  • Do you want to feel the excitement of a child each day, waking up in eager anticipation for the day ahead?
  • Do you want to look in the mirror and know that you are fabulous, you are enough, exactly the way you are?
  • How about attracting relationships that give back, that help elevate you as a person?
  • Would you like to walk away from fear and do that thing you’ve been wanting to do?
  • Maybe just start by giving the boot to that nasty inner critic who puts you down.
  • And then forgiving yourself, and forgiving others, freeing yourself from anger and bitterness.
  • You can say goodbye to those beliefs that keep you stuck and afraid to move forward, you know, the ones that you don’t even know where they come from.
  • Do you want to take the first step to living your dreams… and then the next…

It was my first Heal Your Life® Workshop that helped me change my life in all of these ways. It was in this workshop and the workshop leader training that I starting believing that I have the power to create the life that I desire.

Now, I’m bringing these life lessons to you!

In my new telecourse, The Love Challenge, a 6-Week Bootcamp to Kick Sabotage to the Curb and Let Love In, I am bringing to you the powerful healing techniques and ideas I learned from my Heal Your Life® workshop leader training and that I know, from real life experience, works!

But, time is running out! The Love Challenge starts on Thursday, July 11, 8 PM ET. You don’t want to miss this!

Are you ready to CELEBRATE every day of your life? What sparks do you want to ignite?

For more information and to register for this powerful 6-week telecourse, go to http://julieannsorenson.com/lovechallenge/


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